Keep your site up to date and your customers engaged without have to find the time for writing. We work with you to find topics that engage your customers, publish them on your site, even even promote through social media.

Why blogging matters

Your website and social media channels are the portal through which your customers find out who you are, what you have to offer and whether or not you are knowledgable enough in your field to help them.

A fresh and up to date blog, showcasing industry news, new product or service releases and opinion or advice on the matters that count in your industry will demonstrate that you are active and engaged with your audience.

But we know all to well that you are busy running your business and looking after your clients, so we can take on this task on your behalf. We can write blogs in any style, from jovial and humorist posts in your voice, to a professional and corporate report on even the most technical or niche subjects.

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website – Hubspot

Blogging and Social Media Services for B2B

B2B companies often tell us that blogging and social media doesn’t really apply to their market. But we disagree, and we’ve proved time and again that the right blogs, on the right topics, delivered on the right channel will still engage the (human) decision maker at any organisation.

We select which topics are relevant to your audience through research and intelligence tools, propose them to you for your approval then create a list of potential titles each month. With your agreement we will the get started on blogs that are highly relevant and targeted to serve a specific audience within the sales funnel.

We’ll also promote this post for you on social media – using the right channels and messaging to ensure we reach the right audience for your business. We write all the excerpts and prepare the image. We’ll even post for you if you’d like us to.

Blogging and Social Media Services for B2C

B2C organisations need to stand out from the crowd – you likely have an extensive list of competitors offering similar products. Your USP may be price, quality, delivery, service or any other factor – but you need to convey that to your customers without them feeling that they are being sold to.

We routinely produce guides, articles, FAQs, PDFs and a host of other collateral to help your customers discover your brand in a low pressure fashion. Once they are familiar with your brand and expertise, and engaged with you, you’ll have a much better chance to persuade them to buy.

Once the post is live on your website we’ll promote it on the right channels and formats on your social media.



Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does blogging increase leads?

    On average, companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month (Hubspot). We know how to write content that can do this, we’ve been doing it for ten years now and with the right call to actions, and the right balance of sales vs non-sales topics and text, we can create engagement, trust and desire to act.

What’s included in our blogging and social media service?

We will carry out an initial review of your competitors blogging and social activity using our intelligence tools when you begin the project with us, then we’ll discuss the results in order to come up with a list of titles. Some of those titles might be best part written by you, but most of them we can complete without your input so all you need to do is read and sign off.

The package includes 2 blogs that will be:

  • Any style – professional reporting, corporate opinion, casual opinion, humour, factual – or however you would like us to write them!
  • Any topic – technical specifications, guides, reporting or re-reporting, product showcases, facts and figures, or even your own company news.
  • Fully SEO optimised – we know how to get your blogs showing for the right terms, and whether or not you engage us for SEO, we’ll ensure that your blog posts follow all best practice for the right search terms for your site
  • Image optimised – we can use your image/graphics or supply you with stock or bespoke images, that will be fully optimised for SEO and accessibility.
  • Written for your audience, and the right place in the sales funnel.
  • Post on social media – we’ll prepare everything for you to post or yourself, or upload on your behalf.


Why we are uniquely positioned to help you

We have worked with a range of businesses from a range of industries offering both B2B and B2C services and have extensive experience in blogging services. We have multiple success stories where our blogging strategy has doubled or even tripled traffic on websites, with uplifts in sales, leads and social media following.

The right service to deliver the results that matter to you

We start all new projects by getting to know you – developing an understanding of your business, objectives and taking a history of what you have done before, what results you achieved, and where you feel you could improve. We’ll then go on to complete our own research into your industry, competitors and your current website to develop a report that is completely bespoke for you and your goals.

All of this for just £150 pcm

Want to find out more? Get in touch to find out how we can help your business engage it’s customers.

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Let’s Talk

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