Want to create more impact? Whether you are looking for more SEO value or to improve your sales copy we’ll give your existing content a complete refresh that will deliver just that.


Why refresh your website content?

Website owners often write using language that they use within their industry on a daily basis. But your potential customers may not have the same vocabulary as you and will therefore not understand the subject in the same way. This creates two problems:

  1. Visitors may not engage with your message
  2. Search engines cannot make the link between your language and the search terms your visitors are using to try and find a solution.


We have repeated successes in editing existing content to make sure that it resolves both of these critical problems.

Content to engage

When we review your messaging we will look at your website with a “fresh pair of eyes”. What does this mean? That we’ll see through the industry jargon and go back to the problems your visitors are trying to resolve. We’ll recommend removing much of the industry specific language and create pages that are easy to read, engaging and highly relevant to your audience.

We’ll apply our conversion rate optimisation methodology to your pages, with a view to driving leads and sales.

Aligning content for SEO

When your potential customers search for your service or product you need to make sure that your website appears on the search engines.

Your content is the is main driving force of how search engines understand your site – and therefore the journey starts with making sure that you have expressed your offering in a way that your visitors can understand, but also in a way that the search engines will understand.  

A cohesive partnership that is easy on your bottom line

We don’t believe in completing a content refresh as a stand-alone activity – it has to complement your business goals and other online activities. In this package we work with you develop a strategy that works hand in hand with your objectives.

We can’t help but make other recommendations along the way, so you’ll get the benefit of our expertise whilst working within a fixed price package.

The right service to deliver the results that matter to you

We will start the project by gaining an understanding of your business, objectives and taking a history of what you have done before, what results you achieved, and where you feel you could improve. We’ll then go on to complete our own research into your industry, competitors and audit of your current website to develop a bespoke plan.

Whats included in our content refresh package?

In this package we’ll review and rewrite up to ten pages for SEO and engagement opportunities. As a sideline you’ll get any other recommendations we think will help you in SEO, conversion or social media.

10 pages reviewed

  • We’ll review 10 agreed pages against your goals for each
  • Provide feedback that can even be applied to pages outside of our review
  • Submit a first draft for your review and discussion
  • Complete a final version ready to go live and attract new customers and be found by search engines

Website content refresh | Copywriting

Content that’s ready to go live, attract new customers and be found by search engines

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why let the experts handle your SEO?

    SEO seems pretty simple at first glance, but if it is not done well you risk at worst, penalisation and at best no results at all. Wasted time and effort on ineffective SEO detracts from time spent doing the things you do best – running your business and selling your services. By letting us handle the basics and guide you on additional growth strategy that you can safely implement yourself, you can maximise the impact of your SEO and focus on the rest of your business.

  • Is there a minimum contract?

    We do not impose minimum contracts, however we invest a lot of time at the start of a project to understand your industry, competitors and your unique offering, and so we’ll ask for the first two months to be paid upfront. After that we work on a rolling monthly basis.

  • What is a landing page?

    Landing pages are special pages created to drive a particular action – often these lead or sign up based, but they can be created to drive any action. They should be targeted, relevant, engaging and easy to navigate

  • What’s the difference between writing for humans, SEO or sales?

    We like this question! In fact they should all be similar – we don’t write SEO pages for Google, we write them for the humans that use Google and help Google join the dots. When creating sales pages and SEO pages we keep the theme of relevant, engaging and targeted – but for SEO we’ll usually include more information.

Need more digital marketing?

See our complete digital marketing packages. We offer complete digital marketing pages at entry level, maintenance and accelerated exposure.

Find out more

Why we are uniquely positioned to help you

We have worked with a range of businesses from a range of industries – including everyone from start ups and entrepreneurs to multi national corporate, Your reputation, branding and message will be integrated into our methodology to ensure that we can offer you a truly bespoke service that reflects your values and objectives.

Unlike other agencies we offer guidance on how you can contribute to the SEO effort to achieve your goals, with your skills complementing ours to achieve the best possible results.


All of this for just £300.

Want to find out more? Get in touch to find out how we can help your business improve online and for a free, no-obligation assessment of your current position.

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