An invaluable report for e-commerce clients to examine how they can get more out of every purchase – increasing revenue even without increasing customer acquisition.

Why average order values matter

Like improving conversion rate, average order values can be affected therefore increasing your revenue without increasing the number of sales. Because no new visitor acquisition is required this can be a digital marketing activity with an extremely high return on investment (ROI).

How do we affect average order value?

Increasing the amount of money that each customer spends in each order can be relatively straightforward for some companies, and extremely difficult for others. Once we understand your business and products we’ll look at factors like up sell, cross sell, minimum order size and incentivise. Through our experience we’ll be able to tell you which ones will likely have the biggest impact.

What will be included in my AOV Uplift Plan?

Your report will include:

  • A summary of our initial consultation on your website goals and product range
  • A list of the tools and metrics that were made available to us and used during the analysis (Google Analytics or CMS  for example)
  • A list of qualitative findings with explanations on actions to improve
  • A list of quantitative findings with example tests that could be run to promote positive change
  • A final roadmap of action needed and expected outcomes
  • An implementation support proposal and recommended ongoing reporting services we can provide to help you action all conversion recommendations and measure their effect


Average Order Value Uplift Plan