Paid Search / Search Marketing (PPC and SEM) Packages

Targeted, instant exposure directly to your potential customers. Paid search offers absolute message and spend control, detailed reporting and supports other areas of digital marketing in the short or long term. 

We offer a range of fixed price packages for companies who want the stability of a fixed price arrangement. If you would like a mix from the packages, or broader digital marketing support across multiple areas, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Whether you need a one-off consultation, or ongoing management of your online presence we will have a solution to help you, regardless of your business size or industry. Enjoy all the benefits of an in-house marketing team without the ongoing overheads as we can support and work with your existing team and other third party suppliers to achieve your objectives. We even offer training and support where it’s required

PSS aims to provide clients with affordable, high quality paid search management and optimisation , with ongoing support and regular communication. We work to any budget level with the same high standards and aim to demonstrate ROI in all cases, with pre-kick-off benchmarking and regular analysis of results.

Set Up and Management

Starter AdWords Management

Full AdWords and Bing Management

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Paid Search Set up and Management

If you don’t currently use PPC we can do the whole set up for you, according to network best practice, and in line with your business goals. We can help research and plan the best strategy for your business, advise you on tracking and can quickly transform ideas into live campaigns on multiple networks. We can complete all the day to day management of your PPC accounts and assist with the implementation of new campaigns. Be assured of attention to detail, full visibility and a focus on ROI.

  • Keyphrase research (which terms will bring you the right audience)
  • Cost estimations based on Google data
  • Competitor ad and landing page research
  • Multiple ad variations
  • Advice on or implementation of tracking calls, leads and sales
  • Pre-launch approval reports
  • Weekly post launch reporting for ongoing projects.


Google Advertising

Everything you need to get your brand found fast

From £300 pcm

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Paid Advertising Management

66% of buyer-intent keywords are paid clicks. (HubSpot)

From £150 pcm

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Starter AdWords Campaign Management

For smaller campaigns we can offer complete management, reporting and implementation of recommendations for this budget price. Be assured of attention to detail, full visibility and a focus on ROI.

Paid Search offers a fast and targeted way to get your message heard. Great for new start ups trying to get a foot on the ladder and established organisations alike, PPC can be used for a whole host of marketing objectives.

  • Keyphrase research (which terms will bring you the right audience)
  • Multiple ad variations and ad optimisation
  • Bid management
  • Advice on tracking calls, leads and sales
  • Weekly  reporting



Full AdWords & Bing Management

An ongoing service to ensure you are getting the most out of your PPC traffic through testing and analysis. We include implementation of new campaigns, re-marketing and weekly calls and updates.

  • Keyphrase research (which terms will bring you the right audience)
  • Cost estimations based on Google data
  • Competitor ad and landing page research
  • Multiple ad variations
  • Advice on tracking calls, leads and sales
  • Weekly post launch reporting for ongoing projects
  • Management across Bing and AdWords


Paid Search

61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. (HubSpot)

From £400 pcm

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Want something custom made?

Contact us and we’ll build you a competitive package that reflects your current objectives.

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