Google announced this week that “average position”, a metric that a lot of my clients use to measure their ad effectiveness, is coming to an end.

Personally, it’s a metric that I use sparingly anyway. I prefer to look at ROI – how much did any combination of ad and keyword spend, vs what value did it bring. I think that’s a better measurement of relative success than whether you were at position 7.2 vs 4.2.

However, when clients have been using this metric for years, it’s going to cause some changes in their reporting habits and at least we have until September to draft up the new reports that show two key metrics to replace it:

  • “Impression (Absolute Top) %”
  • “Impression (Top) %”

(More about these from Google here)

Will this be rolled out on Bing?

If you advertise across both platforms, then you’ll know functionality tends to follow through. These changes may or may not appear in Bing, but we’ve there is nothing concrete yet. We’ll let you know if we get any updates on this.

Advice for our clients

If your still actively using average position, then please take the time to review these new metrics in the Google Ads interface and familiarise yourself. They are just as useful in reporting. We’ll include them in your reports from March in addition to Average Position.


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