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Tip One: Make the Hard Bit Easy

So, you invested in getting your traffic to your site, you’ve engaged them, and now even persuaded them to click “buy” or open up that sign up form… But almost everyone hesitates here. And most will decide they are not ready/will do it later/don’t have enough time/don’t have the right information to hand/don’t understand what they need to do.

Checkouts and forms are the final step in a long process, but they made it to the top of my list because their proportional importance is just so high. Even if you’ve done everything right throughout the user journey – the smallest block at this point could cost you the lead/sale.

The answer is of course to make it easy for them.

B2B Lead Gen and Sign Up Forms

For forms collect the most important information first. And only collect what you need to make the sales call. Yes, your Sales Manager probably does want to be pre-armed with information like the company’s size and revenue, who they are currently using to supply this service and what breakfast cereal the Head of Procurement likes, but you don’t *need* that information to make the call. Keep it short, simple and to the point. Use multi page forms if you really want supplementary information – but capture name, company, email and phone number in step one.

B2C Forms

All the same principles as above. Keep it short, simple and collect the minimum. Remember not everyone is really web savvy so keeping field names simple and things like restrictive formatting in phone number fields to a minimum will help make the process seamless.

Ecommerce & Checkouts

A real bug bear of mine is clients with shiny new sites, great digital marketing and then a sad and neglected checkout that looks a lot like an afterthought. This is where you turn your investment into all those activities into return! Research what your competitors are doing, make a note of sites that you use that are easy to buy from, ask your friends, family, staff, long standing customers and of course your CRO agency what they like – and go all out to make this the BEST page on your site. Whatever you go with, think back to the reasons that people don’t buy, and address them.

Tip Two: Intuitive Upsells and Cross Sells

As converting an existing customer is so much easier than acquiring a new one, think about what else you can sell them – and make it super-easy for them to accept your suggestion.


If they are buying a monthly subscription, off a marginal discount for 3 months, 6 months or a year.

Digital Collateral

If they are buying access to a resource library, then split it into Silver, Gold and Platinum resources, and add a premium for access. If they are buying a download offer them more RELEVANT downloads, with one click add to basket. Or access to the whole lot.


Look at Amazon. They were the pioneers in this area. “Customers also viewed…”, “Frequently bought together…”. Think logically about what else your customer is likely to need or want if they buy product X. Do they need accessories? Extended guarantee? Support? Might they need more of the same product for later use? Is there a premium version of that product?

Tip Three: Incite Action from Hesitant Customers

Even with their shopping basket bulging at the seams, and that super sleek checkout page in front of them, there are still a few excuses not to buy. And they are usually emotional. So, we recommend a few tactics to incite an emotional desire to act now, that is hopefully stronger then the emotions preventing the sale.

Time Limitations

“This price will only be available for 1 hour”. “Use this coupon before noon tomorrow to get xyz” discount”. “Free Delivery Until Saturday”. These messages can push the “I’ll do it later” group into seizing the moment.

Product Limitation

“Only 2 left in stock”. “Limited Edition”. “Last chance to buy at this introductory price”. “Exclusive to this site” All of these will create doubt that they will be able to find the product somewhere else or at this price. 


“What will happen if I buy this that will change my life/business for the better” is a great question to answer throughout the buying process. But even more powerful is “What will I lose if I don’t buy it?”. This can be the product/price as discussed above – but can be more emotional. They might lose access to a tool or resources, they might not be able to complete their project with satisfactory precision, or maybe they’ll lose customers/money. The answer is unique to your customers and products.

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